Moonglow Follies 好莱坞回映 Hollywood Revue

Moonglow Burlesque presents their new spectacular, featuring several best acts of 2017 (some of which had never been performed at open events), as well as numerous new acts, all inspired by classic Hollywood films and songs. 月光之城将奉献上2017年最为经典的表演,包括一些从未演出的节目。此次,众多的表演将重现好莱坞经典电影歌舞场景。


SHANGHAI  – March 30th | 上海 – 3月30日 @ The Pearl (471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu
乍浦路471号, 近武进路) BUY TICKETS »

BEIJING – April 4th | 北京 – 4月4日 @ Modernista (44 Baochao Hutong, near Gulou 宝钞胡同44号) BUY TICKETS »


Hollywood Revue” is a five sets extravaganza, with a total of 1 hour show time! Each set  will emerge you into a different movie scene, some of which you might recognize from the beloved classics of the 1930s till today. “好莱坞回映”共5场总计一小时,每场都会带你进入不同的电影场景,包括20世纪30年代一些熟为人知的经典电影画面。

When going to see “Moonglow Follies” you can surely expect extravagant costumes of all kinds, lots of showgirls, feathers, sparkles, and the highlight burlesque performances by one of our vedettes. “月光之城Follies”将确保您会欣赏到各式华丽服装和众多的美丽舞者,及羽毛,亮片和众多明星舞者。


5月28日 Moonglow Saloon 月光酒馆之西部狂野秀 Wild West Cabaret show


我们非常兴奋地要为观众们带回我们两年前曾经做过的一次歌舞表演主题-《西部狂野秀》!这一次的表演内容更加丰富、精彩。我们将这主题发展为一个新的节目。在《月光酒馆之西部狂野秀》中将伴随着新的舞蹈、服装与表演者包括一位梦幻般的新歌手-Tatiana (Daisy Pearlhart)。

We are very excited to bring back a cabaret show theme we only barely touched once two years ago – the Wild West. We have a lot more to show you, and we developed this theme to a new season program. This time we’re bringing in some new acts, new costumes, and new performers including a fantastic new singer Tatiana aka Daisy Pearlhart!

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月光之城2017日历 Moonglow Burlesque 2017 calendar


Moonglow Burlesque is very excited to present their first calendar, featuring 12 best photos of the main cast performers, including Mr. 00 Handsome, Miss Trixie Royale, Miss Shirley Tempest, Miss Liwa La Fleur, Miss Tallulah Chantease, and two new members, Miss Diana Goulde and Miss Scarlet Manhattan!

这是我们制作的第一款日历,十二个月份分别是舞社主要成员的性感写真. 每个页面都采用了原汁原味的复古风格,附有照片以及成员们的介绍。

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月光之城 About Moonglow Burlesque


moonglow-logo-squareMoonglow Burlesque is a unique performance troupe based in Beijing, which brings on stage diverse entertainment in the authentic vintage Burlesque and Cabaret style. We design original costumes to create that signature glamorous look, and for the past seven years were delivering the top scale vintage entertainment. Formed in 2010, the troupe includes a diverse group of performers (dancers, singers, actors) from China, Russia, United States, South Africa, Cuba and other countries, all with a rich background and professional education in dance and musical performance.


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Here you can see video examples of our previous work, theme shows and other: