Classes 舞蹈课

At the moment Moonglow Burlesque is not offering any regular classes. However, feel free to contact the teacher to schedule a private session! Wechat ID: Leru_Swing

Sugar Doll Starlettes

These are our students,  from the previous courses performing for their graduation:


About the Teacher 教师介绍

Trixie Royale从2003年起就开始学习爵士年代的各种舞蹈。2010年起带领着月光之城舞团策划演出了许多精彩绝伦的歌舞秀。从俄罗斯到中国,她拥有超过12年的授课经验,她希望能帮助更多的女性提升自信、在舞蹈中变得性感而充满力量。
Trixie Royale has been dancing all kinds of vintage jazz dances since 2003, and leading Moonglow Burlesque troupe since 2010, choreographing and directing unique cabaret shows! Originally from Russia, she has over 12 years of teaching experience. Her goal is to help all women to be more confident with their body, and teach them a way to feel sexy and empowered while dancing.